Closing company

Closing company

Closing company (liquidation) is long and extensive process, and for every client is a sensitive thing.

You can let us do it in accordance with the legal deadline to liquidation your company. The legal dead line is minimum 120 days. Due to complexity of the process, companies often make technical and legal flaws, but that prolongs the process so it becomes longer than expected and much more expensive.

Whole process of liquidation is in two phases, first starting the liquidation of company, and after 90 day, ending the liquidation process and closing the company by removing it from Serbian Business Registry (SBRA).

The first phase of liquidation consists of:

  • Decision on starting the liquidation
  • Appointment of the liquidator director and registration in SBRA
  • The decision on the opening of liquidation proceedings against the company
  • Listing and informing creditors of the company in liquidation published by SBRA
  • Create seals companies with add “ liquidation “
  • Creating opening liquidation report
  • Accepting of the opening liquidation report
  • Registration opening liquidation report

The second phase begins after 90 days:

  • Decision of the founders of the liquidation proceedings are terminated
  • Submission of the final liquidation report
  • Accepting of the final liquidation report
  • Statement by liquidator director
  • Delegation of company documents for safekeeping after closing
  • The division of the remaining property or money (the rest liquidation) of the company after the liquidation
  • Obtaining the decision on closing of the company from the SBRA

The liquidation of the company is completed when we get Decision of company deletion from the Business Registers Agency. Previously, needed to provide evidence of payment of tax obligations from Tax Administration, a certificate of deletion from the register of VAT payers and proof of payment of all obligations of the Municipality.

All of these procedures listed in the two phases is done professionally and in a timely manner, respecting the requirements of customers, and in accordance with relevant legislation and laws.