Registration of company

Open company in 5 days!

You want to open a company in Serbia, have the capital and know what kind of business you want to start but then you get a serious headache from all the forms to fill, regulations and laws to oblige, have so many questions but to little information and answers.

If you want to open a company in Serbia, all you need is to contact us, give us name, which kind of business you want to start and we take it from there. Then you come to Serbia for 2 days and everything is ready for you to start your business.

Our service of registration of company includes:

  • Check if the name is not occupied and allowed by law
  • Make the founding act or Contract (if there are more founders)
  • Registration of founding capital
  • Registering the director or other legal representatives
  • Making OP form for legal registration
  • Opening bank account at our office
  • Creating a stamp with company name
  • Preparation of all documentation needed for tax administration and municipality

All of our clients we can provide service of virtual office, where we receive and scan all e-mail, provide an address for registering the company.