KontIT Agency - Your Authorized
and Certified Accountant

All necessary accounting services in one place:

  • Accounting services
  • Company formation
  • Virtual office
  • Salary calculation
  • Tax consulting

Accounting Services

Business becomes much easier when you have a projection of the movement of your finances and transactions, a clear view of the entire process, and trustworthy people on your side. With KontIT, you will eliminate unnecessary paperwork, digitize the process with innovative software, and make business decisions based on relevant data. Accurate information at the right time is imperative to our business!


Company Formation

With just a personal ID card, we resolve the entire complex procedure of company formation, whether it is a LLC or a self-employed person (flat rate or “bookkeeper”). In addition to bureaucracy, we also provide advisory services related to the type of company that best suits your business model, all with the goal of minimizing tax payments!

Virtual office

A virtual office is a practical solution for your business space, which allows you to have a registered company address in Belgrade, but without paying for space, equipment, and bills!


Salary Calculation

Take salary calculation out of the internal environment and let us handle salary payment, accompanying administration, and personnel record keeping! Our authorized accounting agency sends data encrypted, so your accounting department cannot access sensitive information.

Tax Consulting

Laws and taxes are a complex area for any type of company, small, medium, or large. KontIT experts provide tax advice that will help you stay fully informed and make good business decisions based on that.


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About Us

The idea for the creation of the KontIT accounting agency arose from the need of clients to receive all necessary advisory and accounting services in one place. We have integrated and synchronized accounting work and support for modern ERP, in order to provide you with an efficient business environment.

Our goal is to make sure that your company’s business data is managed by a reliable team of experts who you can always count on. We will help you, in accordance with the law and respecting professional rules, to continuously and seamlessly increase your capital!

Whether your company is well-established or just starting, you need a partner who understands small, medium, and large business accounting. Our experienced accountants can not only manage your tax, finance, and VAT, but also provide advice on a wide range of business accounting issues.