Accounting Software for your Industry: Pantheon ERP

KontIT is an authorized accounting agency focused on the IT industry, gambling, manufacturing, wholesale, and retail. We use the sophisticated Pantheon ERP to help you make business decisions based on relevant data and ensure smooth growth of your business.

Pantheon ER
Innovative Business Software

Pantheon is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that provides a centralized and quick overview of your business, covering all business processes in your industry – from procurement and invoicing to accounting, payroll and production. If you are in any of the aforementioned industries, Pantheon is an ideal accounting software for you. KontIT will implement Pantheon into your company’s system and train employees on how to use and maintain it, so take advantage of free consultations and contact us!


Accounting in the IT Industry

As the pace and complexity of new technologies increase, it becomes increasingly important for IT companies to have a reliable partner who can help them make good business decisions. For many years, we have played a key role in improving the profitability and efficiency of domestic and foreign IT companies. Our clients mostly deal with hosting, programming, digital marketing, and SaaS product development.

Accounting in
the Gambling Industry

Gambling is a unique environment for accountants due to the specific gambling entity and licensing. There is much more cash involved than in other organizations, plus a number of different transactions that also need to be taken into account such as jackpots, loyalty programs, gaming chips, rewards, and much more.


Accounting in Manufacture

Defining finished (semi)products and automatic calculation of the same with the release of the warehouse are just some of the items in the complex production process. With the help of KontIT authorized accounting agency and Pantheon software, you will effectively manage the processes in your company. The wide range of functionalities allows the system to be used by everyone in the company, from management to procurement and accounting.

Work Process

Tracking of materials and production process all the way to the final product.

More Efficient

A more simple overview of necessary capacities and available resources ensures better planning and creation.

More Precise
Determination of Deadlines

Order execution status and phases are visible at all times.

Reliable Business

Tracking of processes, deadlines and employee efficiency in one system.

Transparent Management
of Production Units

Introduce electronic documentation which enables you to connect production and headquarters.


Wholesale Accounting

In wholesale business, large amounts of goods are frequently handled and it needs to be sorted, delivered, and invoiced in the most efficient way, not only physically but also paperwise. Leave these processes to us, and we will help you find an effective solution that will better optimize your processes and ease bureaucracy. 

Our goal is for you, as the owner of a wholesale business, to be satisfied, and for us to achieve better results through our joint efforts. Accelerate your business, save money, and increase your capital by using the Pantheon ERP business software!


Track wholesale business with the possibility of implementing online accounting in your business and complete support in every stage of the business.


Keep records of your wholesale business in the most transparent way. Our solution for goods management is supported by various reports from which you can get all the information related to your inventory.


We are aware that all products are specific in their own way and that one solution does not suit every company. Therefore, we carefully tailor our work and software to your business needs.


Accounting in Retail

Depending on the type of retail activity, various accounting processes fall into our scope of work: from creating founding documents, entering calculations, leveling prices, calculating profits, taxes, and salaries, to final balance sheets. Thanks to our advanced accounting software and automatic data transfer, you can always get all the necessary reports and calculations.


Implement an innovative business software that will help you document, identify, and analyze data, and ultimately take all the necessary steps to improve your business.

Speed and

With the help of software, your employees will be relieved, the possibility of errors will be reduced, efficiency will improve, and thus the speed of the business will be better.

Whether your company is well-established or just starting, you need a partner who understands small, medium, and large business accounting. Our experienced accountants can not only manage your tax, finance, and VAT, but also provide advice on a wide range of business accounting issues.