Opening a Company Online


Solve the complex paperwork of opening a company with one free call. The only thing we need is your ID and we will take care of:
  • Checking the availability of the company’s name
  • Documents preparing
  • Writing the founding contract of the company
  • Opening the company without going to a notary

If you ask yourself the following questions you are on the right spot:

  • Should I register as an entrepreneur or LLC?
  • How to start the process of founding a company?
  • How much does it cost to open a company?
  • How fast can a company be registered?

The process of founding a company can seem more challenging than a business idea that took you months or even years to develop! Given the complexity of today’s economy, in order to register the right company’s type for long term business, you need to be informed about the laws, economy and local regulations. As an answer to these problems, KontIT offers you consulting services and solves the complex paperwork for you in 1 work day!

We conduct the entire process of registration of your company: making and preparing complete documentation according to regulations in the Republic of Serbia, organizing notary verification, providing you with the right taxes consulting, opening the bank account without going to the bank, and, if needed, the highest standard bookkeeping of your company.


Opening an LLC company online

A limited liability company (LLC) is a type of company that can have one or more founders. This is the most common type of legal entity in Serbia. Reasons for that are limited liabilities of founders and low capital requirement (minimal founding capital is 100 RSD).


Opening a lump sum
company online

A lump sum or flat rate company does not require standard taxes and accounting, but only a set sum for retirement and health insurance and taxes. The amount of tax depends on several factors, among which are the municipality and the zone where you will register the lump sum company.

Have you already chosen the COMPANY NAME? We will help you!

The name of the company is crucial for defining your business and shaping the company’s identity. Being the base of the brand that you will build in the future, it is very important to properly define the name of the company at the very beginning. KontIT gives you the chance to check the availability of the name for the company in a few hours, completely for free. Fill in the free contact form!

    Virtual Office

    Aside from the services of opening a company from your home, consulting and bookkeeping, we offer you a virtual office. Having a virtual office allows you to have an actual address without the cost of lease and administration staff!